Dynasty Warriors Games on Playstation, Ranked from Last to First

With this week seeing the release of a new Dynasty Warriors game – the latest in the 20-year old franchise from developer Omega Force – what better time than now to take a look over the back catalog of this hack and slash staple.

Whether you love or loathe Dynasty Warriors, we can all agree that the series has been in a rut for some time, having peaked – and without giving too much away – way back in the sixth console generation, with the best in the series found on PS2. That said, we’re rooting for the latest iteration – Dynasty Warriors 9 – and are hoping for a return to form from the once famed series that everyone loves to hate.

The rules for this list are simple – we’ll only include games from the main series. That means no spin-offs, like Samurai Warriors or Warriors Orochi, and no Xtreme Legends or Empires expansions. We’ll also be excluding the first game – for obvious reasons.

So let’s get into it. Here is our list of the best of the main Dynasty Warriors games on PlayStation, ranked in order of last to first.

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