7 Huge Game Worlds on PS4 you can Explore for Under $15

As gamers, there isn’t much that we find more satisfying than starting out in a new open-world. Whether you’re in it for the adventure, exploration or the twists and turns of a gripping story, open-world sandboxes have something to offer for everyone, and on PS4, there are so many different worlds to choose.

From living, breathing modern cities, to post-apocalyptic wastelands and sprawling fantasy realms – there’s an open-world game for everyone. However, not all game worlds are created equal, some are much bigger than others – we take a look at some of the biggest out there you can explore on a budget, ranking these from smallest to largest.

Without further ado, here are seven massive open-world games that you can sink your teeth into on PlayStation 4 for under $15.

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